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Why Choose Us?

Martin loves to teach, so if you love to learn you’re in the right place.  

About Martin:

Martin is one of the world’s most experienced and qualified instructor trainers able to teach courses at all levels from IANTD, PADI and both of the major Cave Diver training organisations (NACD and NSS-CDS).

Martin is an active technical diver and explorer outside of teaching and brings a wealth of experience and expertise not always available from others. Although a keen wreck diver Martin’s real passion is cave diving and rebreathers and he was the first ever IANTD CCR Cave Instructor Trainer.

Martin is currently the Training Director for the National Association for Cave Diving,  is on the Board of Advisors for IANTD and has been a Technical Field Consultant for PADI, assisting with the development of their rebreather and sidemount courses. All of this means any course with Martin will not only be exciting and fun, but the very best in diver education.


More reasons to choose Martin Robson Diving:

Many instructors use passive teaching techniques, where you learn by copying, by trial and error and through experience. While this is an important part of learning, Martin also employs direct teaching techniques, educating, explaining and showing you techniques to help you reach your goal.

How do direct teaching techniques benefit you?

You don’t have to worry about how you are doing or what you need to do next, that’s Martin’s job. You can enjoy the dives and the challenge of learning. As Martin says “It’s my job to teach you so that you can achieve your aim”.

Does Martin only teach high level tec courses?

No, there is nothing Martin enjoys more than introducing people to technical diving or the courses that lead to it. The great thing about getting on the tec path is that you are not expected to turn up knowing everything already! Starting out with a top tec diving instructor means you’ll learn the right way from the very beginning.

What tec courses do you offer?

Martin teaches everything from your first sidemount or twinset dive through to  trimix open circuit, recreational and technical rebreather through to CCR Trimix and CCR Expedition Trimix. Cavern to Technical & CCR Cave, plus lots of tec specialties such as DPV, tec sidemount, deep cave, multi-stage and extended range cave courses.
We also have our own range of Tec Specialties courses such as the Tec Rescue and Tec Support Diver courses.

Where do you run courses?

We run our courses all around the world and are more than happy to come to you to provide training.  As well as bespoke courses we have pre-scheduled courses both in the UK and overseas. Contact Us for the latest options.

Which rebreathers do you teach?

We teach diver, instructor and IT levels on many of the major manufacturer rebreathers, including APD Inspiration, Evo Plus & Evolution (now known as XPD, EVP & EVO), VMS RedBare, RedHead & Sentinel, Hollis Prism II, Poseidon Mk VI & Se7en, KISS and Lungfish rebreathers.

Which instructor and instructor trainer levels do you teach?

Martin can teach OC & CCR Instructor & IT courses through IANTD, TecRec Instructor courses through PADI and Cave Instructor & IT courses with IANTD, NACD & NSSCDS.

Latest News

Book now for 2021

2020 diving plans have been disrupted for many due to the pandemic, however we are teaching when and where it is allowed. If you prefer to book ahead our 2021 calendar is now open. If the course, destination or dates you prefer are not already planned we’ll be happy to organise a course for you.

The cornerstone of diving safety and enjoyment. Training includes knowledge and skill plus developing judgement and experience of your own.

If you already have a certification but would like guided diving, supervised experience, a refresher or to prepare for a higher level.

We can organise your desired expedition or train you towards future goals whether you want to do your first decompression dive or explore virgin dive sites.