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Tec Specialties

Tec Support

Tec Support

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between a support diver, a stand-by diver and a safety diver, now is your chance to find out. In-water and surface exercises will give you time to learn and practice. How do you set up and manage a decompression station or maybe even an underwater habitat?

If you are planning your own expedition or want to join one armed with useful skills to bring to the group, this is an ideal course for you.

Tec Rescue

Tec Rescue

We would all want to help if one of our fellow divers needed a hand, but how do we do this in technical or decompression diving?
The Technical Rescue Diver course introduces you to skills and techniques often needed to carry out or assist with a rescue of divers using technical diving equipment or undertaking technical and decompression dives.

You will learn (and get a lot of practice in) different rescue techniques both on the surface and underwater, look at how dive planning can minimise risks, how to avoid accidents and how to identify emergency situations before they get out of hand.

NSSCDS First Responder

NSSCDS First Responder

First Responder Program is designed to introduce cave divers to the fundamentals of conducting and managing cave-diving related incidents, rescues and recoveries.

The course covers how to work with local agencies and authorities, the preservation of evidence and surface control procedures.

Normally taught hand in hand for cave divers with the Tec Rescue course.

DPV diver


Go faster, further and have a lot of fun! DPVs can also add a layer of safety on some dives.

The DPV course aims to teach you the basics of DPV use in an open water environment. A confined water session followed by open water dives will introduce you to basic DPV diving skills and give you plenty of (fun) time to practice.

The Tek DPV course goes a step further introducing more demanding DPV diving skills such as towing, gas sharing and dealing with emergencies whilst using a DPV and using DPVs during decompression diving. Dive planning and gas planning are covered and this is an ideal course for anyone looking to progress to something like an Advanced Cave DPV course.

Public Safety Diving

Public Safety Diver & Full Face Mask

Public Safety Diving (PSD) is a world away from recreational or technical diving and is something we only offer to professional organisations who have a need for this type of course or for volunteer organisations with a similar need.

The course aims introduce and familiarise the student with  the use of special procedures, equipment, scene handling, communication procedures, basic public safety diving search and rescue techniques and documentation requirements.

The Full Face Mask qualification is a prerequisite for this course.

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