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What we do! Martin Robson teaches technical diver training courses and advanced diving specialties. Martin also teaches foundation courses to get you ready for the step up to technical diver training. If you’re not sure where to start or what’s on offer this page is an overview of the courses we teach. Click the links to individual pages for details on specific courses.

Open Circuit Courses

From your first experience with double cylinders to exploration level diving beyond 100m we can teach you everything you need to know about open circuit technical diving.

Master backmount (twin set), sidemount or both. Martin has been diving sidemount and backmount since the 1990s and believes in using the best tool for the diver and the dive.

Increase the time, depth and range of your diving with core technical diver courses that develop your basic skills, knowledge and confidence.

If you are already an experienced technical diver you can progress into deeper diving and further adventure with specialist training.

Courses available in: Sidemount, Backmount, Nitrox, Trimix, Cave, Wreck, Mine, Ice, DPV, Multi-Stage, Tec Rescue, Tec Support, Recovery Diver

Training Organisations: IANTD, PADI, NACD, NSS-CDS

Rebreather Courses

Rebreathers have many advantages over open circuit diving, but the main one is TIME. Rebreathing gas means that it lasts longer, with a 3l cylinder each of diluent and oxygen being enough for even a technical dive.

For a recreational diver extra time can be spent enjoying a dive. For a technical diver extra time can mean more dive time, less decompression or, crucially, more time to solve problems. 

Other advantages include optimal gas during all phases of the dive, warm, moist gas, no/less gas switches and simpler ascents. 

Learning to use a rebreather is not complex, but you will need to learn and master new skills, new habits and a different way of diving. For most divers, once they dived a rebreather, there is no going back!

Already a rebreather diver? We can teach you to dive at all levels including training to 120m. 


Courses available: Recreational, Technical Rebreather (Decompression), Trimix CCR, Expedition Trimix CCR, CCR Cave, CCR Wreck, Mine, Ice, DPV, Multi-Stage, Tec Rescue, Tec Support, Recovery Diver

Training Organisations: IANTD, PADI, NACD, NSS-CDS

Cave, Wreck, Mine & Ice

Diving in an overhead environment is one of the most challenging yet rewarding goals for many divers. Learning how to dive in each environment safely is the primary goal of each course, but training also teaches you about the unique geological or man made features that make these such special places to dive.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, advanced training teaches you to explore further using multiple stage cylinders, side mount/no mount, DPVs or surveying tools to map. Martin is also one of the few instructors who teaches a cave rescue course.

Courses available: Cavern, Mine, Wreck, Intro to Cave, Apprentice Cave, Technical Wreck, Full Cave Diver, CCR Cave Diver, Technical Cave Diver, Advanced Cave Diver, Multi Stage Cave, DPV Cave, Cave Survey, Trimix Cave, Tec Rescue.

Training Organisations: IANTD, NACD, NSS-CDS. Certification from more than one organisation is possible on most courses.

Rescue, Recovery and Support Diver

Martin’s has been a rescue professional almost all of his working life. First in the British special forces, then as a Station Officer in the fire brigade, as a Public Safety Diver and as a member of IUCRR (International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery). Rescue, recovery and support techniques not only equip you to help others but improve your own awareness and skills, helping to prevent problems.

Courses available: Rescue Diver, Tec Rescue, Tec Support, Cave First Responder

Training Organisations: PADI, IANTD, NSS-CDS

Tec Speciality Courses

As well as standard speciality courses, such as DPV, Martin has authored several courses that have been approved by PADI. These are Tec Rescue and Tec Support Diver. Martin’s courses are exclusive to us! For cave specialties see Cave, Wreck, Mine & Ice.

Courses available: DPV, Advanced DPV, Drysuit, Deep, EANX, Sidemount, Tec Sidemount, Tec Rescue, Tec Support Diver, Self Sufficient Diver, EANX Gas Blender, Trimix Gas Blender, Essentials

Recreational Diving Courses

Martin was the owner of The Eau Zone PADI Five Star IDC Centre for ten years so he also has plenty of experience running recreational diving courses. If you would like a private course, whatever the level, we’ll be happy to help.

Courses available: Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Drysuit Diver, Deep Diver, EANx Diver, Wreck Diver, Self Sufficient Diver and more

Latest News

Book now for 2021

2020 diving plans have been disrupted for many due to the pandemic, however we are teaching when and where it is allowed. If you prefer to book ahead our 2021 calendar is now open. If the course, destination or dates you prefer are not already planned we’ll be happy to organise a course for you.

The cornerstone of diving safety and enjoyment. Training includes knowledge and skill plus developing judgement and experience of your own.

If you already have a certification but would like guided diving, supervised experience, a refresher or to prepare for a higher level.

We can organise your desired expedition or train you towards future goals whether you want to do your first decompression dive or explore virgin dive sites.