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Cave, Wreck, Mine & Ice 

Cavern & Intro to Cave, Basic Cave, & TekLite Cave

For newer Tec divers or anyone wanting to progress in smaller stages we can still take you exploring in some of the most amazing caves systems in the world.

Cavern Diver introduces you to the basic skills need to safely dive in an overhead environment whilst staying within easy reach of the exit. This course can be done on it’s own but we prefer to combine with the Basic Cave Diver (NACD) or Intro to Cave (IANTD) course to allow for further exploration of the caves.

TekLite Cave (IANTD) takes you just a little further, requiring Nitrox to extend bottom times in the cave.

Technical Cave & CCR Cave

Technical Cave will take you through all you need to plan and conduct full cave dives. Multiple jumps and complex navigation plus all the essential skills of cave diving. It can be done in back-mount or in sidemount configuration for those with sidemount certification or suitable experience.

The CCR Cave course follows the same programme but adapted to the specific needs of the CCR diver.

Emphasis is placed on developing the diver’s equipment configuration, buoyancy control and propulsion techniques.

Line following, line laying and use of reels are covered extensively as are safety skills such as dealing with CCR failures or open circuit gas failures, light failure, lost line drills and lost diver drills.

A major part of the course is the development of team diving procedures and communication.

For Technical Cave Diver the prerequisites are, if doing a modular course:-
Be qualified as an IANTD Introductory Cave Diver or equivalent.
Have a minimum of 50 logged dives

For those not qualified as Intro to Cave:-
Must have proof of 100 dives or sufficient experience doing technical dives to have the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.

For Technical Cave Diver must also be qualified as an Advanced EANx Diver or higher or equivalent experience

For CCR Cave Diver the prerequisites are:
Be a qualified IANTD CCR Diver or equivalent
Have 20 dives and 35 hours on the rebreather being used
Be a minimum of 18 years of age

Mine diving

Mine & CCR Mine

For divers without easy access to natural cave or those who want to broaden their overhead environment diving, mine diving can offer a way in to the world of diving in flooded tunnels.

Mine diving and cave diving do share some skills and techniques but each has its own unique set of challenges and mine diver training will help you enter these often historically important sites safely.

For those wanting to take a modular approach, Limited Mine Diver, Introductory Mine Diver and TekLite Mine Diver are all similar to their cave counterparts.

Shows CCR trimix divers in Red Sea

Wreck & CCR Wreck

If wrecks rather than caves are what really draws you underwater, then Wreck or CCR Wreck will help prepare you to penetrate deeper inside these sunken museums.

Assessing wreck stability, choosing entry points safely, line laying, navigation and problem solving inside the wreck are all covered along with dive planning, gas planning and all the skills you need to safely penetrate a wreck.

Ice diving

Ice Diving

If extreme, unusual and challenging diving appeals to you, try diving under the ice. Ice diving is one of the most adventurous scuba specialties because you confront conditions and see beauty few others ever experience. 

Teamwork is essential for ice diving. You will learn the roles and responsibilities of support personnel, tenders and safety divers. The course covers types of ice, site selection and preparation, the effects of cold, emergency procedures and handling equipment issues.

Signals and communications along with line tending and line-securing techniques are taught and, depending on the specific dive site, use of specialised ice diving equipment.

Cave diving

Advanced Cave

For divers already certified as Technical Cave Divers or equivalent there are some really exciting courses to take your cave diving to the next level.

Cave DPV
Go further, faster and have a lot of fun!

This course trains you how to use a DPV safely in the cave environment. Dive planning, DPV failures, towing a diver & DPV towing are are just some of the skills learnt on this course.

Extend your cave penetration capabilities by using multiple stage cylinders.

In this course multiple stage cylinders are used for both extended penetration and decompression. Gas planning, stage cylinder handling, equipment management and staging cylinders in the cave are all part of the course.

Get off the beaten track and into the world of sidemount and no-mount cave diving.

Away from the main thoroughfares of bigger cave passages are some of the most amazing cave dives but the passage size or routes to them have new challenges. With their smaller sizes and restrictions limiting or preventing the use of backmount kit, the advanced cave sidemount course teaches you new equipment configurations and cave diving techniques to explore the sidemount cave diving environment.

An introduction to the fundamentals of surveying underwater caves.

This course is intended to motivate more divers to survey caves, encourage the use of cave maps in dive planning and increase the quantity and quality of published cave maps. Additionally, this program is designed to assist in promoting standardization for all survey projects.

Cave Instructor

& Instructor Trainer

If you are already a technical diving instructor and an experienced cave diver then this represents the peak of technical diver training.  From Cavern Instructor through to Technical Cave & CCR Cave IT, you could be at the cutting edge of diver education. Get in touch for more information on the route to becoming a cave instructor. 

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